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5 Easy Tips and Tricks for Hot Tub Maintenance

1. Place Tennis Balls in the Filter Well

This may seem odd, but a clean tennis ball can attract body oils, makeup, hair care products and anything you don’t really want in your hot tub. The ball is too big to become a problem for your filter system and the soft material is a natural absorbent.

2. A Bucket of Water and a Little Bleach Goes a Long Way

Mix together a mild detergent or bleach and water solution to clean the vinyl portion of the cover at least twice per month. A thermal blanket can also be a huge help when it comes to keeping your hot tub cover sanitized.

3. Check the Hour Before Using the Power

Hot tubs require a great deal of energy to operate and maintain heat levels. Contact your electric company and find out when their off-peak hours are where your electricity rates are reduced. 

And if you haven’t already, insulate your hot tub. Efficient insulation, combined with heating during off-peak hours, can cut your energy costs. It’ll also reduce the stress on your hot tub’s system and help your hardware last longer.

4. Our Helpful Friends: Enzymes

In biochemistry, enzymes act as a catalyst to induce chemical reactions. There are special enzyme products can be used in your hot tub to break down organic compounds such as fatty lipids from body oils and lotions and anything else that may be floating in your tub.

They can help make your hot tub and filter system cleaner, and your sanitizer will work more efficiently. Enzymes also keep your spa free of the “scum line” that can sometimes form at the water’s edge.

5. Clear Out Your Jets with White Vinegar

Calcium is known to accumulate in your jets and cause them to stiffen, clog, or stop working altogether. To help fight off the build-up of calcium, get your hands on some white vinegar and thoroughly clean your spa’s valves and jets. Vinegar is an acid, and it’s properties will act to break down and dissolve the calcium and clear up your valves and jets. Although, you want to make sure your water chemistry is balanced after using vinegar since acids can affect hot tub pH and alkalinity levels.