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Getting your Hot Tub Ready for Spring and Summer Checklist

lifting hot tub cover

With the warmer weeks finally approaching in Ontario, hot tub owners can happily begin opening and prepping their hot tub spaces for enjoyment this spring and summer. Getting seasonal maintenance out of the way is just one step towards enjoying a fantastic spring and summer in your hot tub. The team at Blue Ribbons Covers […]

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How to Choose the Most Suitable Hot Tub

Soaking in a hot tub has been proven time and time again to be beneficial to your health in many aspects. From relieving stress to muscle relaxation, it’s no secret that hot tubs are great for the mind, the body, and even the soul. Although, since not all hot tubs are the same, it’s important […]

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Shop Hot Tub Covers

As the temperature here in Ontario slowly increases, your hot tub will start to look less and less appealing. When it’s over 25 degrees celsius outside, the last thing you want to do is soak up in a tub of steaming water. Although, by following our advice and with the right tricks up your sleeve, […]

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Benefits of Spa Thermal Blankets

Hot tub thermal blankets lie on top of your hot tub water to insulate your hot tub and protect the most vulnerable part of your cover from the damaging fumes and moisture accumulation, all while still keeping the water temperature maintained. Blue Ribbon’s thermal hot tub blanket has many benefits including saving energy and paying […]

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WHEN SHOULD I REPLACE MY SPA COVER?       Your spa cover is more than an attractive accessory. It’s also has the very important job of holding in heat when your spa is not in use, helping to reduce energy consumption and keep energy costs low. The cover also prevents excess evaporation, helping you conserve water, and […]

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Caring for your Spa Cover!

Caring for Your Spa Cover! A proper and diligent spa cover care routine can certainly be the difference between you needing to buy another cover in 3-4 years instead of it lasting 5-7 years. Here are some tips to get the most out of your new spa cover purchase. Keep the cover clean. The vinyl […]

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