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Choosing A Suitable Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Hot tub cover lifts are a staple for any homeowner with a hot tub or spa. If you’ve ever tried lifting your hot tub without a cover lifter, you discovered pretty quickly that your cover is heavy, and will put up a fight. If wrestling with a cover doesn’t cause injury to you, your spa cover could possibly face damages.

Although, the question remains, how are you to choose the best hot tub cover lift for your particular spa? After all, every hot tub cover Blue RIbbon offers is customizable and different. Here’s a guide to help you compare spa cover lifts, narrow down the choices, and find the hot tub cover lift that’s best for you.

The Considerations:

Shape of Your Spa

The shapes vary, although, the most common shapes for hot tubs are squared, round, and rectangular. you can see that we have about 4 hot tub cover lifts that fit round and square spas, and another 6 cover lifts that will fit onto square spas, or straight-sided spas.

Size of Your Spa

This is not usually a concern, unless you have a very large tub, in which case, you may use two cover lifters, one on each end of the spa.

Clearance Required

Some hot tub cover lifts require very little clearance, or space beside the spa to flip and store the cover off of the spa. But other cover lifts can require as much as 4 feet of space because they hold the cover parallel to the floor. 

The Line Up:

CoverMate Easy

The cover lifter works with spas up to 8 feet in length or width. Although, the Covermate Easy will not work on round, hexagon or octagon spa cabinets or on hot tubs with a corner radius of more than 14″.

Clearance Required: Rear: 10″, Side: 4″

Black powder-coated, rust-free aluminium tubing. This cover is easy to install and is equipped with non-corrosive mounting brackets. The UV resistant nylon catch straps also provide a more stylish look compared to chains. This lifter also comes with foam grip for comfortable handling and the TowelMate, for hanging up to three towels.

CoverMate I ECO

This cover lifter also works with rectangular spas up to 8 feet in length or width. This lifter will not work on round, hexagon or octagon shaped spas, although it is known to work well with smaller spas.

Clearance Required: Rear: 10-15″, Side: 5″

This black powder-coated cover lifter is complete with rust-free aluminium tubing and a full-length middle aluminium crossbar.

CoverMate II

The CoverMate II is great for rectangular spas, but not for round, octagonal-shaped spas. This cover lifter is compatible with covers with a corner radius no larger than 12”.

Clearance Required: Rear: 18″, Side: 4″

CoverMate II Undermount Spa Cover Lifter is simple to install. Slide-under mounting plates require no drilling into the spa or deck. The lifter also comes with foam grip for comfortable handling and the TowelMate, for hanging up to three towels.

CoverMate Freestyle

This cover lifter offers an exclusive, adjustable mounting base that slides beneath the spa, and works with spas up to 26 to 42 inches tall and 74 to 95 inches wide. It is also the solution when you’re looking for a cover lifter that fits round, hexagon, octagon, and other uniquely shaped spas. 

Clearance Required: Rear: 20″

This cover lifter is powder-coated and includes aluminium tubing with easy-to-install non-corrosive mounting brackets.

CoverMate III ECO

The CoverMate III ECO, like the other lifters mentioned before, works with spas up to 8 feet in length or width. It is also available with extended brackets for spas with a corner radius larger than 12 inches.

Clearance Required: Rear: 6″, Side: 5″

This cover lifter is fully equipped with a full-length middle crossbar that is powder-coated along with aluminium tubing and non-corrosive mounting brackets. For customers wanting a lower-cost hydraulic-assisted cover lift, the CoverMate III Eco is a perfect option.

If you have specific questions about your spa cover lifts or covers, give us a call. We have experts that are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have to help make your hot-tubbing experience the best it can be.