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Fixing Cloudy Water in Your Hot Tub

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Do you have a spa full of cloudy water? Luckily for you, this is a common hot tub issue, and we are here to help you combat it. Here are some great tips to remedy cloudy water in your tub, and keep it from coming back!

Treatment for Cloudy Water

Spa water can become cloudy for several different reasons, and each reason requires a slightly different treatment.

Here’s some reasons you could be experiencing cloudy water in your hot tub:

  • Water out of balance
  • Low sanitizer level
  • Excessive contaminants
  • Clogged or worn out filter
  • High TDS levels
  • Water Out of Balance and Low Sanitizer Level

Finding out if your hot tub water is out of balance or has a low sanitizer level is as easy as pulling out your test strips.

Test strips are actually very simple to use.  After collecting a water sample, you basically dip a test strip into the water, remove it without shaking off the excess moisture and wait for about 15 seconds.  You then compare the colours on the test strip with the colour chart on the back of the test strip packaging.  This comparison will tell you levels of the various things you’re testing for and let you know how the water should be adjusted.

Excessive Contaminants

Hair & skin care products, and detergents can all contribute to cloudy water.

Preventative Tips:

  • Before entering the tub, rinse off any lotions, hair sprays etc.
  • If you have long hair, you can put your hair up to keep it out of the water.
  • Rinse out your swimwear if you have washed it with detergent.


If your water has already been contaminated with anything mentioned, you can use a natural clarifier to effectively clear-up the cloudiness.

  • Oxy spa 
  • Scum buster

These two product options will act instantly to rid your hot tub water of residual substances and build-up.

Clogged or Worn Out Filters

Does your spa filter clog up again in a few days after cleaning? That’s not gonna work, in most cases a 2-4 week filter cycle can be expected, depending on the size of the filter cartridge, and how much the spa is used, and to some degree as mentioned above, the water balance.

A filter that clogs up quickly is likely coated with mineral scale, oily films, or both. A cleaning with spa filter cleaner is in order to unclog the microscopic passageways between the fibers of the filter. TSP can also be used for oily filters, but it won’t remove mineral scale from hard water.

If your filter is still clogging quickly after cleaning, it’s probably best to replace it, even if it’s relatively new. Assuming that it’s sized properly for the pump and installed properly, the filter cartridge loses life quickly when cleaning certain substances from the hot tub water.