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How Long Should I Stay Inside My Hot Tub?

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Hot tubs have long been recognized for their many health benefits. They can help you sleep better, alleviate aches and pains, and enjoy time with friends and family. While the temptation to stay in your hot tub for hours on end may be strong, there are a few tips you should keep in mind for your health and well being.


When you first start using your tub, you may have a lower tolerance for the heat. Therefore, start with short periods of time in the tub (about 20 minutes) and increase your time in the water as you start to grow more accustomed to the heat.


If you feel at any time that you are dizzy, or lightheaded, it may be time to safely exit the tub. These can be early signs of dehydration. Have some water and take a break in the shade to allow your body temperature to come back to normal. Alternating where you sit in the tub is also a great way to ensure you do not become overheated. Allowing your upper body to be out of the water for short increments helps to prevent discomfort.


Most hot tubs now include personalized temperature control. This allows you to keep your hot tub at a comfortable temperature, while still being able to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. The use of a hot tub cover can aid in keeping your hot tub at the perfect temperature. Using a cover can also ensure that your hot tub is ready to enjoy at any moment, without having to worry about nature making its way inside.


Children should be encouraged to also enjoy the hot tub and reap the same health benefits as an adult would. Ensure that the temperature is lower, roughly 98°F, and for no longer than 15-20 minutes at a time. In doing this, invest in a booster seat, so that your child’s upper torso is out of the water for the majority of the time. This contributes to slower heating of the core temperature, and less chance of dehydration.


Keep a cooler or water bottle handy. Having some of your favourite cold beverages (non-alcoholic of course) on hand is a great way to keep hydrated.

Overall, hot tubs are a safe and effective way in which to benefit your health and wellness. They can be used to bring your family together, and to unplug from the crazy world around you. Most experts recommend adults sit for no longer than one hour in their hot tub. Children’s time in the hot tub should be less. Listen to your body as you enjoy the benefits and consider speaking to a health professional before you take a dip.