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How to make your spa cover more efficient!


By adding a thermal insulating blanket, you can save money and also help make your hot tub cover last longer. Hot tubs that have a floating thermal blanket and a hot tub cover will be more energy efficient. The spa cover will also last longer. This is because the thermal blanket is made to float on the water and it blocks the steam from rising. This means that the heat is held in and the steam that can carry chemicals to the underside of the spa cover won’t reach the hot tub cover nearly as often. You won’t need to fill your hot tub as often and you will have less ice forming on the spa cover in the winter.


Another option that helps a lot is to add a full steam stopper to your hot tub cover.  It will help to insulate the centre seam of your spa cover. The centre seam is the area of your hot tub cover with the least amount of insulation when a full steam stopper is not installed on the spa cover.


These two simple items will enhance the insulation qualities of your hot tub cover and more than pay for themselves by increasing the efficiency of your spa cover.

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