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Indications You May Need a New Hot Tub Cover

The insulation value (R-value) of your spa cover is the BIGGEST factor in reducing your hot tub’s heating costs. Remember, the biggest contributor to R-value are the foam cores of the hot tub cover.


Let’s start with a quick hot tub cover check up.

Is the spa cover vinyl torn? Is the material brittle or cracking?Does your hot tub cover smell bad? Does it take 2 or more people to move the cover? If your answer was ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it may be time to start shopping for a replacement hot tub cover.


Let’s take a look at the above questions in a little more detail.

1.Let’s start with the hot tub cover’s outer vinyl.

Vinyl breakdown affects heat retention, appearance, and safety of the spa cover. It also affects the cleanliness of your spa water. Torn or cracked vinyl can’t be easily repaired especially if the rip/tear is large. If the vinyl on your hot tub cover is dry and brittle, no repair is possible. It is time to get yourself a new cover for your hot tub.

You should be cleaning the top of you hot tub lid at least once per month. A soft brush, a mild dish soap or saddle soap, and some water is all that is required to keep your spa cover looking and working great.

2.Take a look at the Straps, Locks and Handles on you spa cover.

Torn straps, ripped handles and broken locks affect the safety of your hot tub. Check carefully the condition of the locks and straps. If either of these are not working properly, they should be repaired or replaced. We do offer replacement parts and options if this is the only thing wrong with your hot tub cover.

3.The Foam Cores – the backbone of your hot tub cover.

If your spa cover is sagging, it is a good indicator that the foam is cracked or broken. This would create gaps in the seal created between the spa and the spa lid. You should replace the cover as soon as possible.

If water puddles develop on the top of your tub cover, this can indicate broken or bowed foam cores. You can do a closer inspection by opening the zipper on your cover and sliding the inserts out of the vinyl. If the foam is not broken, re-insert the core with the bow facing in the opposite direction (flip it so the top side is now the down side). This may help you prolong the life of the cover.

If your hot tub cover feels like it weighs 300 pounds, this is a sure sign the foam cores have absorbed water. The foam cores in your hot tub cover can not be dried out. Once the water is inside the foam, there is nothing you can do to remove it. You will need to purchase a new lid.

4.Oooooh that smell.

If your hot tub cover smells musty, mouldy or if it just plain stinks, there is no solution. No cleaner or deodorizer will get rid of that smell. It is time for a new spa cover.


Don’t let an old, broken or stinky cover ruin your hot tub experience and cost you wasted dollars in extra heating costs. Call us at Blue Ribbon Covers (800)905-8214 or email me, [email protected] if you have any questions. We would love to help you enjoy your hot tub cover.


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