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Must-Have Accessories That Will Improve Your Hot-Tubbing Experience

The Best Performing Hot Tub Covers

Hot tubs require a good amount of responsibility in order to keep the hot tub, hot tub equipment, and water in good condition so that you’ll be able to enjoy the time spent relaxing in your hot tub and avoid constant maintenance, chemical usage, or replacements. That’s exactly where some of these accessories will become useful and will improve and enhance your hot-tubbing experience.

Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover is an essential for any outdoor hot tub owner. Your hot tub cover protects your spa water from dust and debris, leaves, insects and more. A very important part about having a quality hot tub cover is the safety factor. Having a cover will protect your spa water from children or pets that may fall into the spa. Aside from the safety factors, hot tub covers also lower the economical costs of running your spa cover. An energy efficient cover can nearly split your energy bill in half.

Safety HandRail

You can never take enough precautions when it comes to safety, so adding a handrail to your spa is a great idea, especially when it comes to the cold weather- when ice can build up around your hot tub due to water spilling over the top and create slippery conditions while coming out and getting into your hot tub. 

Thermal Insulating Blanket

Hot tub floating, insulating spa blankets help to protect the most vulnerable area of your hot tub cover from rising heat, chemical fumes and moisture while also helping to maintain your water temperature. A thermal spa blanket is an energy saver that pays for itself in reduced energy costs and additional cover life. Perfect for all aboveground and inground spas and hot tubs.

  • Reduces heat loss due to evaporation by up to 95%
  • Provides a layer of insulation in addition to your spa cover
  • Helps prevent spa cover water absorption and loss of R-Value
  • Protects your new cover while conserving heat
  • Helps maintain spas water temperature

Side Tray or Floating Tray

A side tray is a safe and handy accessory for hot tub users to put smartphones, speakers, snacks and beverages. These are on rotating axles that make swinging the tray towards and away from your hot tub easy. The floating tray has the same function as the side tray, but it is mobile. It floats within your hot tub for more space and freedom.