Now that Winter has Arrived! | Blue Ribbon Covers
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Now that Winter has Arrived!

With the colder temperatures come the inevitable SNOW and ICE.

Remember to clear the snow off your hot tub cover every chance you get. Keeping the spa cover clear of snow will help it last longer and make it much easier to remove the hot tub cover when you are ready to climb into the hot water of your spa for some well deserved R & R. Be sure to use a soft broom to remove the snow from the hot tub cover. Using hard brooms or sharp edged shovels could cause rips and tears in the vinyl of the spa cover. If you have ice on the top of your hot tub cover, do not try and chip it off the spa top. You can pour some warm water on the icy sections. This will loosen the bond it has to the vinyl and make it easier to for that soft broom to sweep it off.