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Foam Core Upgrade

All of our outdoor spa covers come with a minimum 2 inches of taper. Through all of our years of manufacturing hot tub covers, we have found that 1 inch of taper is simply not enough of a difference to allow for proper drainage of water off the top of the cover. This leads to water pooling on the top which could cause your foam core to crack or break. For this reason, we have eliminated our 4×3 and 5×4 tapered covers.


How long will it take to get my hot tub cover?

Manufacture typically takes 2 weeks and delivery 1-5 days. See our FAQ for more.

5 Stars

“I received the cover far faster than I thought I would and it is beautiful. Everything lined up and works perfectly. I’ll definitely recommend Blue Ribbon Covers to anyone who asks me where to buy a great cover. Thanks again!”

Jeff W. from Bowmanville, Ontario

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