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Spa & Hot Tub Cover Buyer’s Guide

Hot Tub Owner’s know that the spa cover is one of the MOST important hot tub accessories.

There are many tips for purchasing the perfect hot tub cover. Hopefully we can help guide you to make an informed decision on your next spa cover purchase.

All of our hot tub covers include a 2.5 inch standard skirt. Many spas require a different length skirt so be sure to select the correct size when ordering your spa cover. It should be ordered long enough to cover the side lip of the acrylic of the spa.

All our spa covers come with 2 handles to help adjust the cover on the spa and 4 lock down straps to secure the hot tub cover to the spa.

We offer 12 colours so you can choose the best match for your hot tub cover.

All foam cores for our hot tub covers are wrapped in a 4 mil polyethylene film and heat sealed using our heat sealing machines.

We have available 4 different thicknesses (tapers) for our spa covers and we offer a choice of 2 foam densities. All our foam is tapered, or sloped, from the centre fold to the edge. Our foam is thicker at the fold to allow for water run off and greater strength along the fold. We also reinforce all our hot tub covers with a steel spine along those folds. We offer 3×2, 4×2, 5×3 and 6×4 tapers for our spa covers. The larger number is the thickness of the foam at the fold. The thicker the cover, the more insulation and strength it offers. Our most popular hot tub covers are with the 5×3 taper foam cores.

We offer some value added options for our hot tub covers so you can decide to make it as energy saving as possible and to help the spa cover last longer. Upgrading the foam cores to a 2LB density foam adds strength and insulation R-value to the hot tub cover. We can double wrap the foam cores to help prevent water absorption, we can add a full length steam stopper along the fold to increase heat retention along the fold area. Another value added option for the hot tub cover is the reflective energy saving underside material which increase the insulation R-value of the spa cover.

Along with our cover lifters and other hot tub accessories, we can offer you the best value and options for purchasing your hot tub cover.

We allow you to go through our hot tub cover order process and decide which options you prefer and we customize the spa cover to your requirements.

Buying a new spa cover should not be a hassle or a prolonged process. This is the reason we have taken efforts to make ordering your hot tub cover as easy as possible.

If you still have questions after going through our web site, please contact us directly at 1-800-905-8214.