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What does a hot tub cover do, really?

Put a lid on it!  Your hot tub, that is.

When you decided to invest in a hot tub you started picturing quiet evenings post-work, perhaps while watching the sunset on the back deck or gazing up at the night sky. An investment like that deserves the whole royal treatment, and that includes crowning it with a quality cover.

A cover on your hot tub means more savings in your pocket. Your hot tub will take less time to heat up and consume less hydro by staying covered when not in use.

If you have small children or pets the cover acts as a safety guard to keeping them from accidentally falling in. If your tub is located outside the cover keeps out debris and other pollution. A tarp alone is not sufficient and can get blown off during a windstorm.

Water evaporates and a proper, fitted cover will ensure the water remains clean and dirt doesn’t seep up underneath. A cover is only efficient if it is properly fitted. Similarly to when your child rides a bike, their helmet must be properly secured in order to be effective.

Storing your hot tub uncovered will result in water evaporation. When this happens the water to chemical ratio will become unbalanced. Restoring balance could mean completely draining the tub, refilling and adding the appropriate chemicals. Your hot tub requires a specific water to chemical ratio in order to operate at its best, otherwise you will be required to drain and refill the hot tub to balance the ratio again.

Now enjoy your hot tub the way you imagined, knowing that it’s ready to use because you invested in a proper cover!

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