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Benefits of Spa Thermal Blankets

Hot tub thermal blankets lie on top of your hot tub water to insulate your hot tub and protect the most vulnerable part of your cover from the damaging fumes and moisture accumulation, all while still keeping the water temperature maintained. Blue Ribbon’s thermal hot tub blanket has many benefits including saving energy and paying for itself through reduced energy costs and improved cover life. It’s perfect for all above-ground and in-ground spas.

Lower Hot Tub Chemical Costs

If you’re hot tub owner, you should already know that you must add a sanitizing chemical to the water from time to time (ex. chlorine or bromine) to ensure your hot tub is clean and ready for you to relax in. A lot of these chemicals are lost however, through evaporation and water that escape through the seams of your hot tub cover. A spa thermal blanket would cut down on the evaporation coming out of your hot tub, which minimizes the number of times you would have to add chemicals to your tub. This can help lower the money you spend on chemicals greatly over time.

Lower Hot Tub Heating Costs

A spa thermal blanket can reduce heat loss from your hot tub by up to 95%, which is a very beneficial positive of a thermal blanket, especially during the winter when your hot tub is prone to heat loss. This is because when heat escapes, your heater must work twice as hard to make up for the lost heat. Heat also travels faster through moist air than in dry air, and the thermal blanket acts as a medium between the water and your hot tub cover which will ultimately lessen the heat lost.

Save Your Hot Tub Cover

Most hot tub covers absorb water and chemicals that have evaporated from your hot tub over time over time. This actually causes the cover to become damaged, especially if your cover is not of high quality, which would ultimately lead to your hot tub cover needing to be replaced. Using a spa thermal blanket as a medium between the water and the cover will help to prevent waterlogging and extend the life of your hot tub cover. Spa thermal blankets are very easy to use and low maintenance. At Blue Ribbon, we offer spa thermal blankets for a discounted price, so order yours now and make your hot tubbing experience so much easier!