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Why you need a lifter for your hot tub cover!

The use of a spa cover lifter will greatly enhance your hot tub experience. It will eliminate the problem of storing your hot tub cover while you are in the hot tub. Also eliminating the need for you to drag your spa cover around, a cover lifter will help the hot tub cover last much longer. Some spa cover lifter models also help increase your privacy as well.


Here are some benefits of the 3 hot tub cover lifters that we offer.


The Cover Valet has dual gas lift springs that greatly reduce the weight of the hot tub cover while you raise and lower it. It is also equipped with a safety locking system to make sure it stays up until it is time to close the hot tub cover. It is our best spa cover lifter.


The Cover RX lifter mounts under the spa so there are no holes to drill into your spa. When in use, your hot tub cover is fully supported by The Cover RX so there is no unwanted strain on the centre seam of the spa cover. It will work with almost any size and shape hot tub cover on the market.


The Cover Rock-It also mounts under your spa and is simple to use. Simply fold the hot tub cover over the centre bar and lift the spa cover off of the spa. It will tuck down next to the hot tub and not block your view.

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